BMW Fabrication

               "Trust me I'm a professional"


BMW Fabrication is a welding company located in Selkirk, New York.

Taking pride in the work we have done, we provide full shop and field work. We offer TIG, MIG, and stick welding with steel, stainless, and aluminum. 

Contact us today to get a personalized quote on your welding and fabrication needs. 



"My husband and I really appreciated how fast the work we needed was done, and how clean and nice it looked!"

-Mary of Delmar



"The handrails built for the job look phenomenal and very professional. The area has really been improved."

-Joe from Albany



"The welds that were done are clean and looked great. I wish more companies were set up like this one with fast response time and the ability to always help."

- Pat from Slingerlands



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